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Floaty Bear - a Magic Leap AR Game

My Roles

Solo Programmer & Game Designer


Unity (C#) + Magic Leap

Floaty Bear is a single-player AR game made with Unity Magic Leap Lumin SDK. The player uses the controller as a hairdryer to help the bear float up and unite with his friend. 

There are three levels of this AR game:

Level 1: Blowing away the clouds

The bear is blocked by clouds! The player uses the hairdryer to disperse the clouds and clear his way.

  • Cloud bouncing physics

  • Cloud visual effect

Level 2: Ringing the bells to attract birds

A crowd of birds are chasing the bear! The player rings the bells to attract them and free the bear.


  • Bird AI: auto chasing the bear and return to their nest when the right bell rings

Level 3: Combining rain clouds to make a rainbow bridge

The bear is almost at the top near his friend! But the rain clouds pop the balloon and he cannot go higher. The player brings the clouds together and makes the rainbow bridge.


  • Final cutscene timeline

  • Rain cloud, rain, thunder and rainbow visual effects

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